AVA Weekly Quiz Highlights : Week 1–3


Halo Avangers, We know that every Friday AVA Labs has 10 questions to test our AVAwareness, until now there have been three editions.

Let’s see the results.

AVA Weekly Quiz Highlights : Week 1 — 4 April 2020

AVA Quiz #1 starts now!

Q1 : What is the name of the team behind the Avalanche family of consensus protocols?
A1 : Rocket Team
W1 : Artem Tsygankov

Q2 : How does AVA achieve Sybil resistance?
A2 : Stake
W2 : Brad McFall

Q3 : What are some challenges of classical consensus protocols?
A3 : Scalability, Having to poll all users, 51% Attacks
W3 : Giuseppe Frank, Brad McFall, Pablo Lopez

Q4 : Who is eligible to become a validator on the AVA network?
A4 : Basically anyone interested can participate, the protocol doesn’t anyhow limit the participants.
W4 : Giuseppe Frank

Q5 : How do AVA nodes reach consensus?
A5 : Sampling
W5 : Giuseppe Frank

Q6 : How is Athereum related to AVA?
A6 : Subnet, Athereum is the first subnet on the AVA platform
W6 : Billo

Q7 : Which of those is the best consensus PoW, PoS, or DPoS?
A7 : Nothing, none of those are consensus protocols. Those are sybil resistance mechanisms.
W7 : –

Q8 : What kind of blockchains can you launch on AVA, public or private?
A8 : Both
W8 : Septian Maulana

Q9 : How long does a transaction take to finalize on AVA?
A9 : Less than 3 seconds
W9 : Yusuf Emre

Q10 : What does “quiescent” mean?
A10 : When there is no decision to be made there is computation being done
W10 : Brad McFall

Q-Bonus : Who is more magnificent Joe Exotic or Kevin Sekniqi (@sekniqi)?
A-Bonus : Kevin Sekniqi
W-Bonus : Giuseppe Frank, Septian Maulana, Pablo Lopez, Yusuf Emre, Hande, Billo

Week 1 — Amount of Correct Answers from 10 + Bonus Questions

First Week Quiz Master : Giuseppe Frank
Rado Minchev — https://t.me/avacoin_official/11633

Bonus Point : AkumaZutto, GenaBB, Tavi

AVA Weekly Quiz Highlights : Week 2 — 11April 2020

AVA Quiz #2 starts now!

Q1 : Which are the two consensus engines that AVA will launch with?
A1 : Avalanche and Snowman
W1 : Godwyn Deno

Q2 : Who is the author of Hotstuff protocol used in Facebook’s Libra?
A2 : Ted Yin
W2 : Brad Mcfall

Q3 : How does AVA handle state growth?
A3 : Pruning
W3 : Giuseppe Frank

Q4 : What is the purpose of the P-Chain?
A4 : Creation of subnets, Coordinates validators, All the validators are tracked in the P-Chain
W4 : Godwyn Deno, 1miau, Giuseppe Frank

Q5 : Name the 3 chains implemented in AVA’s default main network?
A5 : P-Chain, X-Chain, and C-Chain
W5 : Brad McFall

Q6 : The first client for the AVA network?
A6 : Gecko
W6 : Godwyn Deno

Q7 : Why did AVA pick PoS as consensus?
A7 : PoS is not consensus, but sybil resistance mechanism!
W7 : Giuseppe Frank

Q8 : What is the genesis supply of AVA?
A8 : 360 M $AVA Token
W8 : Brav3heart

Q9 : What is the name of the most quoted paper by Emin Gün Sirer?
A9 : Majority is not Enough: Bitcoin Mining Is Vulnerable is one of the most cited papers in whole of crypto with 1310 citations
W9 : –

Q10 : Name the three protocols forming the Snow family!
A10 : Slush, Snowflake and Snowball
W10 : Godwyn Deno

Q-Bonus : Who are we?
A-Bonus : AVAngers, The Best
W-Bonus : Jake L, Giuseppe Frank, Septian Maulana, Godwyn Deno, Brad McFall

Week 2 — Amount of Correct Answers from 10 + Bonus Questions

Second Week Quiz Master : Godwyn Deno
Rado Minchev — https://t.me/avacoin_official/12223

Highlight Kuis Mingguan AVA Edisi 3–18 April 2020

AVA Quiz #3 starts now!

Q1 : How can AVA improve DeFi compliance?
A1 : AVA provides programmable regulatory compliance by design. Anyone who launches an asset on AVA has the option to include special rules and requirements.
W1 : Brad Mcfall, Giuseppe Frank, Andrea Vargas

Q2 : What security guarantees can Avalanche provide?
A2 : The security in Avalanche can be parameterized, The protocol can guarantee safety, but not liveness with up to 80% byzantine nodes on the network.
W2 : Andrew20180205, Godwyn Deno

Q3 : What is the name of AVA moonshot factory?
A3 : AVA-X
W3 : Brad McFall

Q4 : How does AVA address the “nothing at stake” problem?
A4 : The Nothing at Stake problem doesn’t apply to AVA because:
1. The problem assumes a financial incentive (block reward) for creating the next block. AVA has no block reward so this doesn’t apply.
2. The problem assumes that there are forks in the chain. In Avalanche, when a block is accepted, it is accepted forever. It’s no possible that a block can be accepted and then later another block “takes its place” in the chain (thus allowing a double spend)
W4 : Brad McFall

Q5 : TPS performances in AVA are mainly bound to what?
A5 : CPU
W5 : Giuseppe Frank

Q6 : What is the name of the second test network planned for June 2020?
A6 : Denali
W6 : Giuseppe Frank, Brav3heart

Q7 : Emin Gün Sirer wrote a famous paper about Bitcoin back in 2013, what was its name?
A7 : Majority is not Enough: Bitcoin Mining is Vulnerable (Selfish Mining, Bitcoin is Broken)
W7 : Brav3heart, Andrea Vargas, Godwyn Deno

Q8 : What is the purpose of the X-Chain?
A8 : Exchange Assets, Create Assets, and Holds AVA (Asset Chain, Trading Asset)
W8 : Michael Kelly, Yusuf Emre

Q9 : What can you do on the C-Chain?
A9 : Executes EVM Contracts, Supports Ethereum RPCs, Fresh EVM Chain for AVA (Smart Contract Chain, Contract Makes)
W9 : Michael Kelly, Brad McFall

Q10 : Who is the original proof-of-work miner?
A10 : Emin Gün Sirer
W10 : Kristie Dude, Brav3heart

Week 3 — Amount of Correct Answers from 10 Questions

Third Week Quiz Master : Brad McFall
Rado Minchev — https://t.me/avacoin_official/13040

The Grand Master of AVA Quiz (Temporary)

Based on Amount of Correct Answers from 30 Questions + 2 Bonus Questions and Bonus Point Week 1

Congratulations to Mr. Giuseppe Frank, you are now The GrandMaster of AVA. Be careful next week.
Septian Maulana


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