SYMBOL: The Ease of Doing Business with Blockchain

Many people predict Blockchain will become future technology, especially for businesses. This opinion is based on its basic characteristics, which are, immutable, auditable, and transparent. It is expected to optimize the business, to get the maximum benefit as possible.

However, the implementation of the Blockchain has not been mass adopted until now. The reasons being, to the high complexity factor both the Developer and the User (business or individuals), lack of scalability, unstable speed, and security guarantees of this technology.

Don’t worry since 2008 when Bitcoin first appeared as a blockchain cryptocurrency, this technology-related innovation has continued to this day and is massive enough that projects that promise mass adoption of Blockchain technology continue to emerge, offering innovation for ease of doing business.

One of them is the latest innovation “Symbol from NEM”, which will bring in blockchain technology, which is very fast with a “Proof of Concept” as a smart asset system and business-friendly featuring with the plugin so you can just download, install and click. So, you can build any business with ease and you will not even realize it is Blockchain Technology.

Easy is “Symbol”

In addition, the symbol also offers a solution which is a flexible and safe that can be adjusted via the features of simplicity, with powerful built-in features. It assists the developer to easily integrate blockchain technology to their project or create powerful dApps that use Symbols REST API. This enables the creation of various architectural solutions with easy coding efficiently, in any programming language.

Moreover, Symbol also provides options for access to the public and private blockchain, either individually or together (Hybrid), so that it can provide options that best suit your company’s needs.

You can imagine all this impact, businesses that can be built with all the conveniences of Symbol. All businesses can be integrated with blockchain through Symbol, such as Fintech, Gaming, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Real Estate, Education, Insurance, Government.

Symbol powering possibility

It’s time to maximize your business without any restrictions.

How to get started?

Following are the easy steps to build digital assets with the Symbol Platform

1. Download the symbol wallet software at

2. Then install and follow the complete tutorial at

3. Fill your wallet via

4. Create your own namespace and sub-namespace (as free as you like), don’t forget this feature: limited duration and lease fee for the system.

5. After that, you can create a digital asset in form of the token in blockchain technology through feature Mosaic, set up everything as needed.

  • Supply — How many of these will exist?
  • Divisibility — Can you split one into fractions? How many decimal places?
  • Duration — Does it ever expire? If so, when?
  • Mutable Supply — Can you create more later, or is the supply locked?
  • Transferability — Can it only be sent or received by certain accounts?

6. Do you want more advance? You can build and develop more sophisticated applications suited to your business needs by using features Symbol SDK. More details you can find in

It only takes five minutes to create a digital asset of your version and your business needs which can then be distributed easily to anyone.

And again you can insert all the right metadata in the process of every transaction. Followings are the link for full details

Pretty easy right? While testnet period, you can try the entire features that exist, free of charge (FOC). This is the time to make your business more advanced with Symbol.

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